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Friday, 17 February 2012

Playgirl's features

Ever hear the term "Playgirl"? Many talented women to be the "behindman? Identifying features or markings, as it can be you, or you are the victim.

1. One Night Stand Story retain
Not just one, but much more. One night stand does not mean end gender only. Little physical contact is to answer how she intimacy with a man who admiredbut not for the long term.

2. Often Changed Facebook Status
Starting from the "single", "date", then move to the "complicated". This marked her as a woman looking for fun only. Although she tried to find the best, but in the sight of men, she's a man eater.

3. Of the two men in one group
For example, she once dated a man in a football team, then at other times with my teammates. Unconsciously almost half of the team are always close to her. She is a men's lover.

4. Provide Mobile Number
That it, she still your girlfriend, but she easily get a phone number from him. Be careful, because these symptoms, she still gave weak to attract the attention of other men, or having an affair.

5. easy to Leave
Good to play with the feeling one can measure. Imagine when the relationship gets hot, she suddenly left without a word only to emphasize the "Who is the boss". If you have reached this stage, she really real Playgirl.

6. Never Enough
Men need a big effort in addition to the approach, and it was never enough. When she was not satisfied, she will go.


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