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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Help Spread Voter Education: dah register ke?

Have you registered to vote? please click this link below. thank you.

Help Spread Voter Education

UndiMsia! is a non-partisan movement aimed to promote a vibrant democracy by working towards an issues-based politics through a series of voter education deliverables targeted at young Malaysians from the age of 18 - 35. We hope that through this voter education exercise, young Malaysians will take an interest on issues that matter to them and be armed with knowledge that will empower them to engage in constructive discussions and actions aimed at addressing these issues with their electoral representatives.

UndiMsia! aims to build participatory opportunities for young Malaysians by:
  1. Supporting the need for accurate information on key civil, political and socio-economic issues that affect every aspect of young Malaysian life;
  2. Facilitating young Malaysians in their engagement with elected representatives; and
  3. Mobilising young Malaysians to take impactful action with tangible results.


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