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Saturday, 2 April 2011

am i SINGLE yet?

a few days left before my birthday is coming. guess what?
i'm SINGLE! yeah..i miss that tittle.*laugh* by the way, i'm quiet lonely for sometime..i mean, waiting some one who can cure my heart..oh i wish it is him.nahh...i will never get him. he is going to be someone else husband, baby. cheer up!

oh my dear, why im being so dumb?waiting for some one who will not be mine?hmm....
anyway, although im going to celebrate my 19th birthday, this month (APRIL) is final examination month. oh im dead! arghhh!! stress is out of control..i am on my way to cry..oh im cry already..  ='(

my life is empty now. i think i need a hot chocolate this morning..oh yes.its 5.25 am now.i cant sleep.

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