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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

i missed u (buat you)

every single day think bout u..hows ur life, hows ur work, and hows ur day...
every single day i was thinking are u cry today, r u smoke today or what r u going to do today
every single month i waiting for u but i know its not hard to answer
every single moment we spent although we never meet u make me smile and laugh...
but dear, it was before i meet some1 else.
now i just always want u to know that are always as a friend~

haha..buat kusut kepala u je i ni kan?
ignore je i ni teros dr idop u.
da tak payah la pk i lagi lao buat u nanges.
ok?lao u sakit aty jugak,buang je i dari life u.
kan mudah.jgn ingat kat i, fair la kan????


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